Beiersdorf Skin Research

“Expertise, courage, perseverance, and creativity are all characteristics that describe a good researcher,” says Dr. Horst Wenck, head of Beiersdorf Front End Innovation, and continues, looking back on Beiersdorf research’s long history: “If we consider that knowledge in the field of natural sciences increases by at least double every eight years, then we now know more than 5,000 times more than people 100 years ago. This is reflected at Beiersdorf in the enormous growth of knowledge pertaining to the skin’s biology and the basic biological, chemical, and physical principles of optimal skin treatment, and ultimately in the increase in product and ingredient innovations, which skyrocketed beginning in the mid-nineties.”

The basis for progress and innovation at Beiersdorf is the continual search for new biological opportunities to target the specific skin-related needs of different skin types and age groups. In this context, a multidisciplinary team of human, cell, and molecular biologists, immunologists, and biochemists at the Hamburg research center conduct their work according to the motto “Learning from the skin, for the skin.” The goal of their research is to find new active principles that support the skin in its metabolic processes – as naturally as possible.

In order to achieve this goal, the team utilizes the latest biochemical, molecular biological, and physical methods of analysis and cooperates with a global network of academic, institutional, and industrial partners from the worlds of research and science.

Quick Facts

  • Research at Beiersdorf

    About 500 research cooperations with universities, research centers and start-ups worldwide
    Over 530 employees work in Research & Development worldwide
    Labs in Hamburg, USA, Japan, China and Mexico to study and meet regional skin care needs
    Approx. €160 million annual investment into research and development
    Since 2010: International Open Innovation initiative “Pearlfinder“ to increase our innovative capacity

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